My Journey

Hi, my name is Jonny, I was born in 1988 in Brazil and moved to Spain when I was 12 years old. I later did my Software Engineering degree in Valencia and decided to go to the UK, to do a master course in the field. In 2013 I started working at a financial software company in London and have been here ever since. My passion for creating music and content has been with me for most of that journey and continues to be my source of energy and drive.

PC setup

I run a dedicated streaming PC alongside my main gaming PC. Both of them run a ryzen 3700x on the ASROCK x570 board. My main gaming rig is currently rocking a 1080ti. I use a LUMIX G7 as my main camera with a H-X015E-K LEICA DG SUMMILUX 15mm lens. My go to capture card is the internal elgato 4k60pro. For lights, I use the elgato keylight with some affordable RGB flood lights.

Sound gear

I use a SHURE SM7B as my main mic going into a Roland Octa-capture USB audio interface. I use a Fender bassbreaker 15 amp mic'ed up with a MXL990 condenser mic. My babies: Fender mexican stratocaster, Japanese Tokai les paul, Baritone PRS, BC Rich Beast NJ series, Jackson Pro SL2Q, Fender mexican purple tele, Fender jazz bass and a Casio keyboard with weighted keys.